Live from the Road… in Louisville, Kentucky!

Hey guys! I’m finally posting from the road.

After wanting to do this on all my other road trips over the years, I am now actually writing while on the road.  Getting this blog underway was a lonnnnnng time coming, but I’m glad I’m here (and you are too, thank you!). So far I’m really enjoying sharing all my stories from my road trip adventures.

Today is my 25th Birthday (again  ha ha!). I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve driven over 15 hours to get here, stopping here and there along on the way.

We  spent the first night in Pittsburgh, PA, and got to have a drink and a bite to eat in a historic church that is now a Brewery. I was feeling slightly angelic, and my halo is either tarnished or shined, I’m not sure which.

I’ll be posting more photos soon. For now, here’s the Road Trip Cowgirl having a beer…. in a Church! Sweet…


As many of you probably know, Louisville Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby, which we just missed by a couple weeks.  We’ll be checking that out this afternoon. I’m excited to see the home of the Derby which has been running since 1865.  Then we’re heading straight to Nashville! I’ve been to Memphis, but I’d missed Nashville on my last trip in the area so I’m pretty excited to see it finally.  And it’s been one of the places Cowboy has really wanted to see for a long time, so he’s super pumped as well.

I’m a lucky gal, I get to spend half the day for my birthday at the Kentucky Derby, and the rest of it in Nashville. Not a bad way to celebrate getting a year older!

Hope you’ll come along for the  ride and you enjoy my adventures.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend (to all my Canadian friends!






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