A Wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving!

 Hey Guys! 

I’m finally back home after a road trip around Canada’s beautiful East coast! So I’m now interrupting my lack of posts lately, latest road trip stories to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving! 1914944_320673865600_2899807_n I’ve got a few beautiful stories and photos to share with you from Prince Edward Island, but before that, my latest installment from my recent amazing Deep South road trip is coming up soon. I know, I’ve been remiss lately. Too much time travelling and not enough time writing…tsk tsk 🙂

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I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already. It feels like summer has just ended. But then again I’ve been in PEI, which is basically cottage country (similar to Cape Cod) so it sorta helped extend my summer into late September. I think I’d rather have Thanksgiving in November like our American friends, then it becomes part of ‘The holidays’. Plus I’m starting to get into football a bit, so that may be a factor (HA!–btw, I’ve won the football pool here at home once already. And it’s only week 6 (Yeeah!)

1914944_320673870600_6458197_n I’ve always loved Thanksgiving but holidays have been really tough since my dad’s passing a little over a year ago. My Dad LOVED Thanksgiving and even when we didn’t get together as much as we’d have like to, we always made time for a crazy fun Thanksgiving dinner. And crazy it usually was.

Here’s a fun pic with my dad & my Uncle.  Both were only in their mid 60s when they passed away. Gone way too soon 😦


All that wine in the above photo is just for props. I swear! (hehe, yeah we did enjoy a glass..or two).

So the holidays are generally pretty quiet these days. Cowboy and I do try to go for a nice dinner at least, but he generally works the holiday weekends since he works in the restaurant biz.

Fortunately, I’m very blessed with wonderful friends whom, knowing holidays are a bit tough for me, got in touch to see how I was doing and also invited me to their holiday  festivities! So very sweet. I appreciated their thoughtfulness even more because I know they’re already busy with their own festivities over the holiday.

So while I assumed I was going to have a fairly quiet weekend, I had lots of activities to happily distract me. I got to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, a hike amongst the fall leaves, a glass of wine & chat with a close friend who I don’t see often enough, a board game night, and a short (but sweet) coffee visit with a long-time friend. It’s time like these when you are even more thankful for our close friends. Which is, the whole point of Thanksgiving right? I’m so very blessed to have such kind, considerate, and loving people in my life. Even though a few are kooks (not mentioning any names hehe!).

One of my best friends: Al , has been included in my family’s Thanksgiving festivities for almost 20 years.  His family lives across the country so it’s a bit far to go for just a couple days. Al always had a blast at our family Thanksgiving dinner. 

He and my dad were usually up to some sorta trouble

1914944_320691025600_7653093_n Al always appreciated the invite and hospitality of my family, so this year his mom was in town so he invited me (and Cowboy) to THEIR Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a wonderful evening, and we shared lots of laughs and delicious food!

And, of course pumpkin pie! My absolute favourite.

10686884_10154802580335601_8628833390209684483_n(I have finally come up with a good GF crust so I made quite a few of these this weekend…Mnnn!)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to share lots of laughs and pie with your loved ones too. Do you have a story like mine of a good friend who reached out to you during the holidays? Or maybe your love for pumpkin pie that matches mine? I’d love to hear it!



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