The Luck o’ The Irish: It’s St Patty’s Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day, friends!

My feisty little Irish Lass says: “May the luck of the Irish be with you!”, oh and also: “Can someone help take off this stupid hat?” Dogs will do almost anything for a treat, I love it.

I hope you’re enjoying the day imbibing in green beers, live music and maybe even some delicious (homemade) shamrock shakes. While I’m not the party animal I was back in my 20s (long ago), I still love St Patrick’s Day! And I love it even more now that I no
longer work in an Irish pub.

Back then I’d get to work and there would already be a line up outside the pub at 11am! (crazies…it’s not even noon!). We’d pretty much run all day & night until about 2am so it was one long day. And sure, it was a fun atmosphere to work in but we also had to deal with crazy drunks, smashed glasses, a handful of fights, flying food and people passing out in the bathroom. FUN! I don’t miss it at all.  Money was great (we’d make $300 +  and that was 15 years ago, so servers probably make more like $400-500 these days) but I’d rather  have worked 3 ‘normal’ shifts to make the same amount of money I did on St Patrick’s Day. It was never boring, though.

In case you’re expecting me to say that I usually hit the road for St Patrick’s Day (now that I’m no longer working at an Irish Pub), I actually rarely travel at this time of year (though a few years ago I went to Orlando with friends and we arrived on St Patty’s Day-which was a lot of fun).

Most of the time I stick close to home and often do a fun lunch with my family. I also usually go with my Aunt to her St Patty’s Day church dinner which is always the Sunday closest to St Patrick’s Day.

Here my sweet Cousin Catherine and I rockin’  to an Irish band at the church gig.

IMG_2329So, my favourite Aunt Colleen (with that kinda name, you just know she takes her Irish seriously) loves to organize a family lunch for St Patty’s Day. And it’s not at her house, rather we have it at Perkin’s Restaurant for a delightful lunch to celebrate our Irish roots.

And even though it’s still open to the public, my Aunt shows up to the restaurant early and decorates the table with decorations galore. In fact, we usually can’t find our food because the table is over-run with glitzy four-leaf clovers, leprechaun figurines, place-mats, and fancy napkins (and much more). 

She also brings stuff for to pin onto our clothes, as well as hats, scarves etc which is not optional. Nor is showing up without wearing any green (though one year I’m tempted to come in all-black to see what my punishment would be ha ha!). When we arrive we have to stand at attention while she adorns hats, pins, and almost everything else she’s found at the dollar store. It’s almost like being in a cult, actually.



But it’s always fun and yep, we sure do attract a lot of attention to our table. The other diners get a kick out of us and even the staff seem to enjoy our craziness. I’m sort of surprised they let my Aunt come in and decorate, but apparently it is her second home so I’m thinking she has shares in the Perkin’s corporation.

Although since my dad’s passing almost two years ago, it’s not the same without  him. He always LOVED our St Patrick’s Day lunch, being the little leprechaun that he was.


So it’s a bittersweet celebration because we miss him and still keep expecting him to waltz in wearing his green top-hat and fun shamrock ties. He loved St Patrick’s Day almost as much as his sister, but not quite enough to decorate the tables at Perkin’s .We strongly suspect he’s telling his extremely corny Irish jokes up in heaven and making everyone up there roll their eyes and/or groan (but they’d still laugh!) just like he did with us all the time. That makes us smile anyway and distracts us from the fact that he’s no longer with us.





While my Aunt loves to dress herself (and us), and the tables with St Patrick’s Day decorations, I like to dress up the dogs.

They LOVE it. Can you tell? It may or may not help that I keep a bag of treats nearby 





Hope you have a fun and safe day and your Irish Eyes were smiling!


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