Sun, Beaches & Scenery: A Week in P.E.I

Hello Friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day.

I got to celebrate it in the birthplace of our country: Beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Wohoo!

Yep, I’m on the road again. This time, Cowboy and I are in the East Coast visiting his folks who live part of the year in PEI.

I figured since I’m here again, it’s about time I got around to sharing my photos and trip stories from last summer’s trip. ha ha (Yep, I’m still catching up on old road trips as you’ve probably discovered by now).

Hopefully seeing these photos from PEI will help inspire you to get there soon, too. If you haven’t yet been there yet, you are missing one absolutely beautiful spot here in Canada.


Located on Canada’s East Coast, Prince Edward Island is connected to the mainland by a bridge and is the ultimate cottage country.

Even if you’re only there for a few days, you feel like you’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks after being in P.E.I. And that happens almost immediately upon arriving on the island.

As soon as I see the bridge in my rear-view mirror, time seems to suddenly slow down considerably. The soft breezes coming off the Northumberland Strait and the majestic beauty of the island put you in vacation-mode rather instantly.


It also helps that people are so friendly and nobody really seems like they’re in a rush for anything, either. It’s no wonder I love it here.

Quite a nice change from the hectic pace of the city, and life in general actually.


Cowboy’s parents bought some land here 30+ years ago and he and his family camped there for several years before building their cottage.  It’s a beautiful spot in a quieter corner of the Island, about 30 minutes south of Charlottetown on the on the beautiful peninsula of the southeast coast.


While here, I always enjoy sipping my morning coffee with this view before me. Just stunning…and so unbelievably peaceful.


My family had a cottage while I was growing up but it was on a rather small, and busy, lake in Ontario (Mississippi Lake–and, nope, not the river). While I loved spending time by the lake too, it is much quieter and serene here on the island. Especially on this part of it as Point Prim isn’t a big touristy area (yet).

I always love visiting Cowboy’s parents, they are incredibly sweet people.


Cowboy’s cottage is a hop,skip-& jump away from the Point Prim Lighthouse which is the very first (and oldest–built in 1845) one on the island.

It’s also one of only few round brick lighthouses in Canada, too.


On one of our recent visits we did a fun tour of the lighthouse and even climbed the spiral-y, extremely narrow staircase to the top of the lighthouse. (not great for those of you a little nervous of heights)


The view was absolutely magnificent (post on that tour soon!).


Our little pooch just loved being here, however she was a little nervous of the ocean. She’s used to very calm, quiet rivers and lakes in Ontario so the waves scared her a little and she was almost too afraid to go into the water.


But eventually she relaxed and dragged her favourite male human into the water, where she finally got her feet wet.


She then sun-bathed on the beach where she got to watch sea-galls and got her neck scratched a little.

Yep, she sure does have Cowboy wrapped around her little paw, if you hadn’t noticed! ( ha ha)


I love the slower pace of being on the island and the absolutely stunning scenery no matter where you are here. I could easily live here, except the winters are pretty brutal (apparently) so I think I’d only live here for the summers. (and perhaps Arizona for the winter? Yikes, I might turn into a snow bird very soon)

Another favourite drive in PEI is the famous Cavendish area where people from everywhere around the world flock to see the magical setting that captivated Anne in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous novel “Anne of Green Gables”. It’s definitely very touristy (and sometimes tacky) but it’s a beautiful spot and worth the trip if you’re on the island.



Well, that’s it for now. Not much wi-fi here at the cottage (which is a good thing!) so as soon as I have a chance to upload more pics, I’ll share a few more from this visit.

Cheers ya’ll!




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