Hello from Beautiful PEI!

Hi ya’ll! Hope you’re having a super awesome summer so far.

How is it already mid-July already? Holy cow, summer is just flyin’ by. I bet you’ve been missing my travel updates novels and wondering where I’ve been lately, hey? Of course you have 😉

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been doing a whirlwind trip around Canada’s glorious East Coast: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. So, as you can see, I haven’t had too much time to write whilst on the road. But it is nice to take a break from being connected (except for the camera, which will come to no surprise to anyone whatsoever).

Cowboy and I have been spending the bulk of our vacation here in beautiful Prince Edward Island as his  folks have a cottage here. They spend half the year here on the island and the other half on the mainland (Saint John, New Brunswick).


As I mentioned in my last post there’s just something about this place that makes you relax the minute you get here. It’s the ultimate cottage country.

I don’t think you could find a bad spot on this entire island if you tried (don’t bother).


Every time I’m here, I find it SO hard to leave. PEI is known to do that to people, apparently. So, be forewarned if you’re heading here for the first time. It packs a pretty big punch for being Canada’s smallest province, that’s for sure.

We’ve had some great weather on this trip (compared to last year–in September–where it was cloudy/rainy for some of our visit). This time it’s been blue skies and sunshine pretty much every day, and without all that god-awful humidity I don’t miss back home at all.

It’s been the perfect weather for beach-hopping and sitting by the sea, two of my (many) favourite past-times while here on the island.


Cowboy’s parents’ cottage is located on Point Prim, just a hop, skip & jump away from the Point Prim Lighthouse (the oldest one on the island) . It’s about a 30-minute drive south of Charlottetown and very close to the Wood Islands ferry (to Nova Scotia).

It’s also on one of the quietest (and most lovely, in my opinion) parts of the island. Definitely a nice change from the heavy crowds around the Green Gables/Cavendish area. Much quieter, which lends itself nicely to cottage-ing, I think.


Point Prim is a peninsula on the southern shore of the island that faces the Northumberland Strait (you can see Nova Scotia on a clear day).  As a result, the water is a bit warmer here than it is on the north shore (Cavendish area).

I didn’t actually go swimming but I did dip my toes into the ocean while on the beach with my furry pal (no, not Cowboy…my other furry pal ha ha)


Just down the road from Cowboy’s parents cottage is the Point Prim Lighthouse where you can even take a tour. The view is incredible from atop and it’s pretty neat that someone actually lived in this lighthouse, too (I’ll be doing a post on our lighthouse tour soon–stay tuned!).


It’s a pretty magnificent spot, and a great place to spend the afternoon on a hot summer day.

There’s also a small restaurant right beside the lighthouse (The Chowder House) which serves up delicious chowder (or so I’m told, I have a shellfish allergy so I didn’t brave trying it).


You can sit on the patio to enjoy your lunch, or sit back on the Adirondack chairs with a glass of vino right beside the sea! Pure bliss…


The little kook very much enjoyed dipping her paws into the ocean. She’s liking it a bit more than her first experience here a couple years ago. Compared to the small ponds and lakes in Ontario, the waves of the ocean kinda freaks her out.

She definitely prefers low tide if she had to choose.


Being part guard-dog, she loves to look out to the water to make sure there aren’t any dogs sharks to patrol. She’s so used to all the other big dogs at the park, so she’s been wondering why it’s so quiet here. But she is enjoying not having to monitor all the big dogs while out on our walks for once.

She’s on vacation too (much to the delight of all the other dogs back home…ha ha!).


I don’t know how the government knows about Cowboy being dangerous, but at least they’re warning people.

Oops, maybe it’s me they’re worried about.

Nahhh! Must be the eel-infested waters…



Did I mention someone else is camera happy, too? Cowboy is almost as bad as I am for taking photos, sometimes he’s worse.


I absolutely love relaxing and hanging out by the sea. And maybe taking a few pictures.


My pooch had a nice good run in the big field behind the lighthouse. She was exhausted that evening after a full day of running and swimming.


Cowboy’s parents cottage is just beautiful and it was nice for him to reconnect with his parents and spend more time with them.


He and his dad spent many mornings having coffee on the deck and catching up with this gorgeous view before them. Sweet!



And maybe we had a few nice cold drinks in the afternoon, too (It was hot, after all).


I got to help out with mowing the grass (which I loved)  so I had a nice cold glass of cider after I was done as a reward.  Mnnn….


Cowboy and his parents at the cottage. I love this one.

Did I mention that I’m in love with PEI? I think I need to move here.



A few more PEI stories & pics coming soon! Now that I’m re-connected (technology-wise), I’ll be catching up on my writing and uploading of photos. So be prepared to have your inbox inundated (#sorrynotsorry ha ha).

Enjoy the rest of the summer! Don’t forget to tell me how yours is going and what you’ve been up to with your vacation. I’d love to swap travel stories!
Lotsa summer lovin’,

Dana xo


5 thoughts on “Hello from Beautiful PEI!

  1. I agree … PEI is so special that it just makes you want to pack up and move on in! The only thing that I don’t like is that I’ve never swam in the ocean because the water’s always been too cold for me. However, I think sitting and eating at that gorgeous chowder house in your photos would more than make up for that!


    • Each time I’m in PEI, I want to move there. If it wasn’t for the slow winter months there, I’d be there in a flash 🙂 Though I have heard it’s not nearly as cold as Ottawa, so that should be reason enough. I didn’t swim in the ocean either because it was way too chilly for my liking, I think I’m too spoiled by heated pools these days…or I’m getting old 😉 But I love being beside the ocean just for the peacefulness and amazing scenery. Soooo relaxing!!
      Thanks for swinging by, Julie!


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