Back to the Future Day & How I missed the BTTF Ride in Florida– by mere days!!

 (Geek Alert).  Great Scott, it’s finally here!

It was on this day, October 21, 2015, that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went ‘back’ to the future and arrived in a very different version of their hometown of ‘Hill Valley’. All they could see were Hoverboards and flying cars zipping all over the place. Welcome to the Future present!

Starting tomorrow, this movie won’t be about the future anymore. Now, when you watch it, Doc and Marty will be going to (our) past. Man, that’s heavy!

If you were a kid/teen in the 80s, like me, you probably also loved this movie (who didn’t?). I’d like to say it’s timeless, however given it’s a time-travel movie, that doesn’t make any sense. Moving on….

One thing’s for sure, this movie rocks! It’s my ultimate favourite movie. Who wouldn’t want to go back (or forward) in time with Marty and The Doc?

I sure enjoyed it!  Here we are snapping a quick pic before getting into the DeLorean

12002078_10156125808970601_5386353652667604753_n(I really haven’t aged much since this photo was taken in 1989, hey? Awesome)

I was in High School when the second movie came out. After seeing the original, we couldn’t wait to see the sequel (three years was a long wait). And it was even cooler to see them go to the future instead this time ’round. While watching it for the first time (back in 1989) we couldn’t really critique their rendition of the future, of course, since 2015 was still nearly 25 years away. But who knew Hoverboards and Self-Tying laces weren’t actually going to be all-the-rage by now? Crazy….

But now I can go on (and on) about what they got right (and wrong) in their take of what 2015 would look like. However there are tons of fabulous articles like this one  about what they accurately predicted and also this article too. They’re quite interesting reads, especially if you’re a BTTF fanatic like me!

I can’t believe it was almost 30 years ago that Doc and Marty punched 2015 in their time-machine and headed to the future. What????? How is this even possible since I’m only 25? (stop laughing, you guys). I still love this trilogy just as much today as I did back then, it never ceases to entertain me. Yep, even the 3rd one—which seems to be the least popular of the three movies. But given its Wild-West-theme, you probably aren’t too surprised to hear this, right?

There’s so many things about it that makes it such a great story. It basically has everything you want in a movie: the time-travel theme (okay, maybe that’s just me), fun characters, awesome actors (Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover and Michael J Fox—all amazing), romance, action, and of course a villain, too (Hi Biff…make like a tree and leaf!). And, the score was incredible. Every time I hear the theme music I feel like I’ve gone back in time, too.

I’ve heard talk about a 4th movie or a re-make (Noooooo!) over the years but thankfully none have come to fruition (yet). While it’d be interesting to see another take on the story (I’m a sucker for anything time-travel related), a remake will fail miserably, I just know it. (so leave well enough alone, Hollywood!).

 Without further ado, let’s add a bit of travel element to this story… since this is a travel-related blog after all….

It was early April 2007 and I was heading to Florida for my first time ever with my good friend Al.  I was beyond excited because we were going to Universal Studios and I couldn’t wait to finally do the Back to the Future ride.  


Or not……..Guess what happened when we arrived in Orlando and made a beeline to the Back to the Future Ride?

We were greeted with a ‘Closed Sign’  and it was mostly boarded up. Yep, the ride was shut down…. and not just temporarily. I couldn’t stop crying.  Al told me I looked like a 4-year old who’d dropped her favourite ice cream cone (that’s exactly how I felt). How is this possible? The ride had been around since 1991! That’s almost 15 years!!!!  Hello…. McFly? Anybody in there?

And what’s worse, when I looked it up online later that evening I found out it had just closed a few days before we arrived. Yep. DAYS!!! It closed on March 30th, and it was April 5th when we got to Orlando. Seriously?? So had we got here before the weekend then, I would have got to experience it. Gosh darn it,  how’s that for fabulous timing? Well if that doesn’t teach you to travel to see stuff you’re interested in before it’s gone, I don’t know what else can.

At least they kept the Gift Shop open so we could wander around and check out some fun BTTF-themed clothes and toys. Thankfully I got a couple pics too as the store was gone when we got back here a couple of years later.

Buddy test 1 578

They also had actors, the real Doc Brown and Marty McFly walking around chatting with everyone. Doc is such a nice guy, even if he is slightly eccentric. He hasn’t aged much since 1989, either. Impressive….

Buddy test 1 5812

And the DeLorean was still on display!  It was the real one too, not just a replica either.


Here’s the Jules Verne train, from the 3rd movie. Cool!  (though it’s no DeLorean).



These cheered me up slightly and almost made up for missing the ride….. *Almost*. I’m still upset, and it’s been several years now. If you ever got the pleasure of experiencing the Back to the Future ride in Orlando, I’d loooove hear about it. Let me know in the comments, I’ll try not to cry (ha ha).

When I returned to Universal a few years later, this is what replaced the Back to the Future ride:


The Simpson’s ride was actually pretty cool. It’s a roller-coaster simulator/3-D ride, and even my dad (who hated roller-coasters) enjoyed it when we were here for Christmas in 2010. It’s pretty fun….. but it ain’t no Back to the Future Ride! (Harumph).

They also had this guy wandering around pretending he was the Doc… on a bike!??? (not even a pretend-Hoverboard? Geesh!). I’d say this guy was 30 years old, tops, which was weird.


I felt like we’ve gone back in time to the 1940s!  Gee Doc, your skin looks so smooth. You must have gone gray really early, though… Holy cow! (I’ve heard this can happen to some people).

But If I’m really going to hop into my DeLorean to do some time-travellin’ (the way I see it… if you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?) I’ll go back to 2001 when the ride opened so I can check it out (or maybe to a week before I actually arrived the first time).

I might also go back to 1985 so I can watch the filming of the original movie. Then I can give the producers some insight into what they should do for 2015. Then, many years later, they’ll wonder how this chick they met (way back when) managed to predict everything right. (Heh heh).

This movie also made history. Because Crispin Glover decided not to reprise his role as Marty’s father, George McFly, in the sequel, they used prosthetics (on another actor) to make the guy look like Glover. Since Glover hadn’t given permission to them to use his likeness (to fool the audience into thinking it was actually him, essentially) he sued the movie’s producer (Steven Spielberg) and won! As a result, likeness rights are now included in every SAG contract, just to be safe.

Well I’m off to watch (bet you can guess?) Back to the Future so I can properly celebrate this exciting day!

Happy BTTF day everyone and see you on the open road!  (Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!)

Dana xo (your friendly Canadian Geek)


8 thoughts on “Back to the Future Day & How I missed the BTTF Ride in Florida– by mere days!!

  1. Ah, I went on the Back to the Future ride, so sorry it was closed for you. It was awesome, even if the waiting queue wasn’t… BTTF is my all-time favorite movie series (about time to write some reviews actually)!

    Even if I only went to Universal Studios for one short day (too short with all the waiting queues), it was so amazing. Definitely one of my favorite theme parks. The Simpsons Ride looks especially cool. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to visit it again.

    We actually had a movies theme park here in Germany called Warner Bros Movie Park, but due to expired licence issues it’s only called Movie Park Germany now ;). It had a Gremlins and Lethal Weapon ride which was awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooh noo…you went on the Back to the Future ride??? I’m so excited for you…and sad at the same time! ha ha You should have told me it was a very boring ride! hehe But yeah, in all seriousness…I did hear it was a fantastic ride so I’m so glad you got to experience it. I’m just annoyed I missed it by a few days, that made it a whole lot worse 😀 The Simpsons ride is really cool, though… but more of a virtual 3-d movie as you are sitting in moveable movie seats watching a screen but it LOOKS like you are on this insane 100foot drop rollercoaster. It’s pretty cool, esp for those who are scared of actually being on a roller coaster. I might do a post soon on my Universal visit and write a bit more on the ride. The 3D Spiderman ride/movie is incredible and so is The Mummy rollercoaster. Hope you get back there someday, it’s such a fun place. If I go to Germany, I’d love to check out the Movie Park. That sounds REALLY cool. Especially with a Lethal Weapon AND Gremlins’-themed ride. They sure sound awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course the BTTF ride was terrible, I forgot to mention how horrible the whole experience was ;-). Sorry. But did you know that the “Back to the Future” Trilogy BDs have a special feature which show the whole Ride, both the waiting queue videos and the actual ride? Just a suggestion, it’s not the real deal of course, but it’s better than nothing…

        Ah, all the rides you mention make me really jealous :-). Yes, please do a post about the Universal Studios with even more photos, also other theme parks if you have the chance! I usually go to Phantasialand once a year (for my birthday as it’s free then), and during Christmas it looks especially cool. Disneyland Paris is also very nice. Will write some things about these parks, including the Movie Park Germany. But just to make it clear, it doesn’T have the Lethal Weapon and Gremlins rides anymore due to the licence issues :(. Really too bad, as it had a Batman ride like the BTTF one… Well, now it has a time travel theme with John Cleese :).


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