It’s Leaf Peepin’ Time in Ottawa

Hey Guys! 

I hope you had a Spooktacular Halloween and your Fall season is off to a great start. Hopefully you haven’t gotten any of the dreaded white stuff yet. We got snow around Halloween last year and it was just the beginning of an unusually long, and much colder-than-usual winter (I’m still having nightmares about it, ugh!).

It’s supposed to get warmer this week so not much snow in the immediate horizon for us.  In fact, it’s supposed to be 15 degrees (60F) over the next couple of days. Woohoo! I might even go for a swim.

I’m not a big fan of Fall at all, but I especially don’t like seeing the end of Daylight Saving time (wahhh!) and it starts getting dark by 4pm. Curses! Whoever came up with that idea (to end Daylight Saving Time, not the concept itself) must have had a few loose screws. I suspect he/she was a vampire, but that might be because I watched too much Buffy back in the day.

As much as I don’t like Fall, Ill admit there is one nice thing about it: the changing leaves. We’ve had some spectacular colours this year in particular, so I’ve decided to share some snaps of my hometown with you guys. I figured my Southern U.S and European friends, in particular, might enjoy seeing some of our Fall Splendour.

It’s only been the last couple of weeks that our trees have been awash in stunning shades of bright red, orange and yellow. They look especially fetching in the sun and against the beaming blue sky.


Almost makes me not want to move to the Deep South (notice that I said *almost*?). Don’t worry as soon as the leaves start to fall and winter sets in, I’ll be back to dreaming about the Gulf Coast or the Desert in Arizona. (so, in another week or two…haha).

These are a bunch of pics I took while out walking in my ‘hood with the pooches over the last couple of weeks.  And in addition to some pretty leaves, I’m making you look at cute puppies, too! I know, I’m so mean.


You probably recognize this little gal from many of my travel stories on here. She’s a road tripper and a leaf-lover. (takes after her human mama!).

I love how some of the trees look like they’re on fire. I’m quite partial to the red ones, they almost look surreal. 


I’m also quite partial to this little (big) cutie. She loves the fall leaves, too. Okay, maybe not as much as her Frisbee.


Not only are all the trees in different colours, some of them–like this one–has different coloured leaves on it. I thought this tree was pretty cool.


The yellow forest is the one of my favourite spots ’round the ‘hood for a nice walk with the pups.


The dogs love running through leaves, but don’t really care about the colours themselves, really, I suspect. They’re actually more interested in the muddy puddles and stinky swamps we come across in the forest. *Sigh*

This is another favourite tree. I took this photo at a clients’ house. They were probably wondering why I was hanging out in their driveway for awhile after I left snapping pictures of their house. (I’d be suspicious, too…ha ha!)


And it’s much nicer to soak in all this colourful beauty when it’s warm outside. Yep, I’m wearing a t-shirt and it’s mid-October (this is in Canada, believe it or not). Su-weet!


My furry pals love running for the ball, over and over. They could do this for 3-  hours straight. But since I really liked the trees just behind the field, I was too busy taking pictures and thus kept making them wait for me to ‘hurry up & throw the ball already’ (Silly camera-happy humans!)



While on a hike during our Thanksgiving weekend a couple of weeks ago, Cowboy and I got to enjoy the fall colours just as they were starting to hit their peak.


Our trees generally start to change a few weeks before our American friends’ foliage in Vermont. This isn’t overly surprising given we’re a couple hundred kilometres north of them. We Canadians like to get a bit of a head start.


Here’s Cowboy strolling the trail in a t-shirt. Yep, while I’d be the first to tell you he is crazy, it was unusually warm here….for mid-October, anyway.

12079231_10156238510885601_6504287497763089911_n(Don’t forget to admire his nice t-shirt. Go Bruins!)


A cool shot taken from underneath a tree. A lot of nice yellow & orange action going on here.


Hey, what are you kids doing over there? Settle down! (Part-time Leaf Roller, full-time Guard Dog).


These guys finally let me take a picture of them posing in front of the nice trees. But that was only after I threw the ball 19,2374 times, first. It was nice to see them getting tired…finally!



A beautiful afternoon hike with this cutie.


Hope you guys enjoyed the pics! If you get a chance to visit Ottawa sometime and you’d like to be here when our colours are at their peak, early to mid-October is usually your best bet.

Since I’m sticking close to home for a bit, I’ll be trying to catch you up on more of my recent travels. And maybe a few older trips too!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Dana xo


11 thoughts on “It’s Leaf Peepin’ Time in Ottawa

    • Hi Lenka!! So great to hear from you! I hope you and Brad are doing well and you guys are having a good Fall so far. It feels like forever ago since we came to visit you in Barrie. Hard to believe it’s 1/2 year now. Cowboy says hi back! 😀 Take care and talk soon xo


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    • ha ha Well I was cheering for the Bruins for more than a decade before Ottawa even got their team back, so that’s my excuse anyway ;D Usually folks cut me a bit of slack when they realize I’m a bit older than I look and I tell them I’ve been a huge Bruins fan since the early 1980’s. I’m actually quite happy to see the Sens do well, since Ottawa is my hometown, after all. Just so long as they aren’t playing the Bruins 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I grew up in Cornwall, if you were english speaking you cheered for the Leafs and if you were french you cheered for the Canadiens. I moved to Ottawa in 1982, but didn’t become a sens fan until 1992 when they came back to Ottawa. We live 5 minutes from CTC, so get to go to lots of the games

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      • that’s too funny. My dad and Uncle, who grew up in the 50s & 60s, were big-time Habs fans and they didn’t speak any french at all. Maybe it was just a Cornwall thing 😀 Back then, of course, everyone loved either the Leafs, Habs, Bruins or occasionally, Chicago/Detroit. Mostly Leafs or Habs fans though. Now with Ottawa back, there’s more rivalry, esp b/w Toronto and Ottawa. It’s quite fun (except for the ones who cause problems or start fights, of course) and makes for fun conversation especially during the playoffs. That’s great you live so close and get to a lot of games. If you go to a Sens/Bruins one, you can spot me because I’ll be the rare one in a black & gold jersey! (haha). Hopefully, for your sake, they won’t be moving the arena anytime soon. I’ve heard there’s been more talk of Lebreton Flats. I don’t know if that’s a great idea, but on the other hand it may be a more central 😀 I can’t see it happening, really.

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